Do I retain copyright of my article?

Basically, yes. Authors are the initial owners of the copyrights to their works, unless the authors, as a condition of employment, have agreed to transfer copyright to their employer.

Copyright policies for the eScholarship Repository are delineated at eScholarship policies. All eScholarship Repository content may be browsed and downloaded at no cost and with no access restrictions. Once an article is published in an eScholarship Repository journal or peer-reviewed series, it may not be removed. The California Digital Library has the right to view and display, store and copy (for preservation purposes), and distribute all eScholarship Repository content.

Authors retain copyright for all content published in the Berkeley Review of Education. The Berkeley Review of Education retains the rights the non-exclusive right to make content available in any format in perpetuity. While authors may reproduce their work in other contexts, content published in the journal will not be removed from the website even if later published elsewhere.

Since TRANSIT is published online, do I still need to obtain copyright permissions for images, video, etc.?

Yes. Although you may choose to link to content published anywhere online, TRANSIT will only host content for which copyright permissions have been cleared.