by Priscilla LayneTRANSIT vol. 12, no. 1 Download PDF Layne, Priscilla. White Rebels in Black: German Appropriation of Black Popular Culture. Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Press, 2018. 272 pages. What’s so rebellious about black culture? Over the course of the 20 th century, numerous works of German literature, film, art, and music have […]

by Theodor Michael Translated by Eve Rosenhaft TRANSIT vol. 11, no. 2 Download PDF Michael, Theodor. Black German: An Afro-German Life in the Twentieth Century. Translated by Eve Rosenhaft, Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2017. 216 pages. Who is a “statesman?” This is the principal question of Theodor Michael’s memoir Deutsch sein und Schwarz dazu. Erinnerung […]

“Heimat, bittersuesse Heimat” (or “Homeland, Bittersweet Homeland”) is an all-black satirical theatre production that showcases real-life experiences of minorities living in a prejudiced but politically-correct society. The sketches also address cultural identity and its fluidity when the actors move smoothly from a German waltz to an African freestyle dance. While the theater group is based in […]