The Archive, the Activist, and the Audience, or Black European Studies: A Comparative Interdisciplinary Study of Identities, Positionalities, and Differences Fatima El-Tayeb Download PDF Abstract: My aim in this brief article is the introduction of a new international and interdisciplinary project on Black Europe, which could be of some interest to German Studies for a […]

Pathways of Migrant Incorporation in Germany Nina Glick Schiller, Boris Nieswand, Günther Schlee, Tsypylma Darieva, Lale Yalcin-Heckmann, László Fosztó Download PDF Abstract: In this essay we examine five different pathways by which migrants with whom we have worked are incorporating themselves within Germany. Our approach to incorporation brings into the literature on migration the insight […]

Thomas Meinecke’s German Fictions of Multicultural America: Model or Admonition? Cecile Zorach Download PDF Abstract: The end of the Cold War accelerated changes in the demographics of Germany that had been taking place in spurts since its founding: the settlement of Aussiedler from the East increased with the demise of the USSR, conflicts in the […]

Glub Mieke Bal Download PDF Abstract: GLUB (Hearts) is a film about seeds – the eating of them, the shells, the shops and stalls, the people cracking the shells and spitting them out; you see it and you don’t, hidden as it is in ordinariness. It is a phenomenon that embodies the invisibility that comes […]

November Hito Steyerl Download PDF Abstract: November is the time after October, a time when revolution seems to be over and peripheral struggles have become particular, localist, and almost impossible to communicate. In November a new reactionary form of terror has taken over which abruptly breaks with the tradition of October. November Germany 2004. Director: […]