If the Good Lord were Swiss Hugo Loetscher Translated by Rafaël Newman Download PDF Abstract: Originally published in German in Der Waschküchenschlüssel, oder, Was-wenn Gott Schweizer wäre (Zurich: Diogenes, 1983). Acknowledgments: Translated from the German by Rafaël Newman. What would it be like if the Good Lord were Swiss? The question is not as idle […]

Points of Entanglement: The Overdetermination of German Space and Identity in Lola + Bilidikid and Walk on Water Nicholas Baer Download PDF Abstract: In this essay, I consider how films have engaged with the politics of German space and identity in the context of the country’s National Socialist past – and, more specifically, in the […]

The Rhetoric of Origin: Language and Exclusion in Historical Perspective Hinrich C. Seeba Download PDF Abstract: In the following I would like to distinguish more clearly between blood line on the one hand and cultural, especially linguistic tradition on the other and suggest that, while the rhetoric of the first is losing, the rhetoric of […]