Posted in conjunction with the course Multicultural Germany in fall semester 2015. Author: Karla Palos The 1978 film Die Schweizermacher (The Swissmakers) is a good cop/bad cop comedy directed by Rolf Lyssy which dramatizes the bureaucratic exchanges between immigration officials and immigrants applying for Swiss citizenship. The film focuses on two officials: Walo Lüönd, who plays […]

Who defines identity? Germany’s struggle with inclusivity. This last week in class, we discussed the limits of Germany’s capacity to take in immigrants and what it means to be German. Proponents of reducing the number of foreigners in Germany believe that the “boat” of Germany’s capacity for incorporation of foreigners is “full.” To these native-born […]

Wednesday, April 24, 1-3pm 201 Moses Hall, UC Berkeley Moving Europe continues with two presentations on cultural memory: Soraya Tlatli (University of California, Berkeley, French Department): “Fragmented Memories in Postcolonial France” Emina Musanovic (University of California, Berkeley, German Department): “Clean New Spaces in Cleansed Old Towns: Building a Europe without Ottomans in Bosnia”