Fostering Transnational, Multilingual Collaboration: The Berlin-based Artists’ Initiative TRANSIT Vol. 13, No. 1 Friederike Eigler Download PDF Abstract The Berlin-based initiative Weiter Schreiben was founded in 2017 by the writer Annika Reich and responds to the daunting refugee situation in contemporary Europe by encouraging collaboration between established and displaced writers living in Germany. The initiative’s […]

Migration as Textual Strategy in Barbara Honigmann’s Eine Liebe aus Nichts (1991) TRANSIT vol. 12, no. 1 Lauren Hansen Download PDF Abstract Second-generation authors of German family novels have been increasingly on the move in their literary works ever since German unification in 1989/90 which has precipitated renewed literary engagements with often migratory family pasts of exile, […]

“The Welser Phantom”: Apparitions of the Welser Venezuela Colony in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century German Cultural Memory TRANSIT vol. 11, no. 2 Giovanna Montenegro Download PDF Acknowledgments I want to thank: TRANSIT’s anonymous peer reviewers for their comments which helped clarify this manuscript; Dr. Ivonne del Valle and Dr. Elisabeth Krimmer who read previous versions; the […]

Migration and Its Discontents: Israelis in Berlin and Homeland Politics Yael Almog Download PDF Abstract The essay discusses some ethnic and racial presumptions which subtend discussions of the recent Israeli migration to Germany, specifically the description of the Israeli presence in Berlin as signifying a “return” of Jews to Europe after the Holocaust. The essay […]