Contemporary Remediations of Race and Ethnicity in German Visual Cultures TRANSIT vol. 9, no. 2, Special Issue Angelica Fenner and Uli Linke, Guest Editors Download PDF Acknowledgements The impetus for this Special Issue of Transit emerged out of the 6th Toronto German Studies Symposium, which took place at the University of Toronto in April 2013 and […]

Cosmopolitical and Transnational Interventions in German Studies B. Venkat Mani and Elke Segelcke, Guest Editors Download PDF Abstract: This Special Topic presents a collection of scholarly essays which emerged from a multi- and interdisciplinary panel series at the 49th Annual Conference of the German Studies Association, and which represent the continuation of a collaborative thought […]

Zeitnetze. Globalisierung und postmoderne Ästhetik in Helmut Kraussers Roman UC Johannes Pause Download PDF Abstract: Der Artikel untersucht am Beispiel von Helmut Kraussers 2003 erschienenem Roman UC die Auseinandersetzung mit der „Episteme Netz“ (Hartmut Böhme) in der deutschsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur. Gezeigt wird, wie in neueren Romanen Figuren des Netzes und der Vernetzung globalisierungskritisch gewendet werden, indem […]

In the Postmonolingual Condition: Karin Sander’s Wordsearch and Yoko Tawada’s Wordplay Yasemin Yildiz Download PDF Abstract: The last two decades have seen a rapid increase in multilingual cultural productions in many different contexts. Frequently, the multilingual make-up of these literary, cinematic, musical, and artistic works has been celebrated as an expression of cultural heterogeneity, pluralism, […]

Transformative Translations: Cyrillizing and Queering Katrin Pahl Download PDF Abstract: This paper addresses the (im)mobility of queer sexualities in an era of labor migration and globalization. With my discussion of the 2004 documentary by Pauline Boudry, Brigitta Kuster, and Renate Lorenz, ”Copy me – I want to travel,”  I am particularly interested in analyzing […]