Volume 2: Foreword TRANSIT’s second issue—Translation and Mobility—explores the spatial movement and linguistic mobility inherent in translation. The articles that comprise this second issue engage the topics of translation and mobility in a number of ways, with two themes emerging as the central areas of inquiry. The first set of questions center around linguistic mobility […]

Wenn die Schweizer Heimat exotisch geworden ist. Das Thema der Heimkehr aus Brasilien bei deutschschweizerischen Autoren Jeroen Dewulf Download PDF Abstract: Wenn in einem schweizerischen Kontext von einer Heimkehr aus Brasilien die Rede ist, stellen sich unvermeidlich Assoziationen zu Gottfried Kellers “Martin Salander” (1886) ein. Doch während Keller die Rückkehr und Reintegration seines Protagonisten in […]

Traveling without Moving: Physical and Linguistic Mobility in Yoko Tawada’s Überseezungen Christina Kraenzle Download PDF Abstract: Travel and translation constitute the primary focus of Yoko Tawada’s literary production. Many of Tawada’s German-language works are travel stories that consider the models of subjectivity enabled by travel across spaces and languages. This essay considers how her works […]

The Task of the Loving Translator: Translation, Völkerschauen, and Colonial Ambivalence in Peter Altenberg’s Ashantee (1897) David D. Kim Download PDF Abstract: Following the exhibition of Ashanti culture in Vienna’s Prater in the summer of 1896, the impressionist writer Peter Altenberg published Ashantee (1897) in remembrance and reenactment of that space in translation. Translation here connotes two […]

Flânerie Graham Parkes Download PDF Abstract: This six-and-a-half-minute video, Flânerie, is an audiovisual projection of a number of themes in Convolute M (“The Flâneur”) of Walter Benjamin’s The Arcades Project, with a focus on the flâneur’s “kaleidoscopic consciousness” and experience of the crowd, as well as on the “colportage phenomenon of space.”  It is one […]

Translation after 9/11 Emily Apter Download PDF Abstract: Commenting on the judicial scandal of the conviction of Mohammed Yousry, the official translator for the mastermind behind the first World Trade Center bombing, Emily Apter argues that translators occupy an increasingly dangerous position in the post-9/11 world. Through her analysis of the trial and the accompanying […]

Transit Heimat: Transnational Subjectivity and Mobility in German Theatre Denise Varney Download PDF. Abstract: This paper is interested in themes of translation, transnational subjectivity and mobility in German theatre between 1994 and 2004. It is set within the broader context of the expansion of Europeanisation that followed German reunification and the lifting of the Iron […]

Finding Home in a Liminal Space: Exile and Return in Andreas Dresen’s Halbe Treppe Kathleen Sclafani Download PDF Abstract: In his film Halbe Treppe, Andreas Dresen uses stylistic elements and modes of production similar to exilic filmmakers, as described by Naficy in his book An Accented Cinema, in an attempt to portray both a sense […]

Transformative Translations: Cyrillizing and Queering Katrin Pahl Download PDF Abstract: This paper addresses the (im)mobility of queer sexualities in an era of labor migration and globalization. With my discussion of the 2004 documentary by Pauline Boudry, Brigitta Kuster, and Renate Lorenz, ”Copy me – I want to travel,”  I am particularly interested in analyzing […]

Die Übersetzung von Rhythmus: Hölderlins Transitprogramm hin zu einer „belebenden Kunst“ Boris Previsic Download PDF Abstract: Die Übersetzungen Hölderlins nach 1800 veranschaulichen seine ganz besondere Aneignung des griechischen Rhythmus: Während in einer ersten “metrischen Phase” zunächst die Metren und vor allem auch die äolischen Perioden des antiken Chorgesangs von Sophokles direkt von der Vorlage übernommen […]