by Yoko Tawada TRANSIT  Vol. 13, No. 1 Translated by Elizabeth Sun [Related Links: Deniz Göktürk’s introduction; Elizabeth Sun’s co-translation of Zafer Şenocak’s “The Hour of Assembly”; Elizabeth Sun’s (et al.) collaborative work in a translation of Zafer Şenocak’s “The Other Side of Things”; Aaron Carpenter and Jon Cho-Polizzi’s introduction to and translation of Tawada’s […]

TRANSIT Vol. 13, No. 1 Friederike Eigler Download PDF Abstract The Berlin-based initiative Weiter Schreiben was founded in 2017 by the writer Annika Reich and responds to the daunting refugee situation in contemporary Europe by encouraging collaboration between established and displaced writers living in Germany. The initiative’s objective is to foster multidirectional networks instead of one-directional […]

TRANSIT vol. 12, no. 1 Lauren Hansen Download PDF Abstract Second-generation authors of German family novels have been increasingly on the move in their literary works ever since German unification in 1989/90 which has precipitated renewed literary engagements with often migratory family pasts of exile, deportation, flight, for example, due to the Second World War, […]

TRANSIT vol. 12, no. 1  A Conversation between Iman Attia and Michael Rothberg Translation of Iman Attia’s Contribution by Melody Makeda Ledwon Download PDF Abstract This conversation between the German critical race theorist Iman Attia and the American memory studies scholar Michael Rothberg originally appeared in German in a special issue of the journal Neue […]

Dirk Weissmann Download PDF Abstract Mit ihrem im Januar 2013 erstmals ausgestrahlten zweisprachigen Hörspiel W wie ihr Name/Avec un double V wagt die 1954 in Paris geborene, französische Schriftstellerin Cécile Wajsbrot erstmal den Weg in die deutsche Sprache als literarisches Ausdrucksmedium. Diese Form zweisprachigen Schreibens stellt den Höhepunkt einer jahrelangen Annäherung der Schriftstellerin an Deutschland […]