MGP editor Elizabeth Sun follows up on our recent event with Zafer Şenocak, interrogating the possibilities for resistance that lie in the counter-hegemonic reconstruction of historical narrative. On Friday, April 2, we welcomed the widely published Turkish-German author Zafer Şenocak to the second installment of “Archives of Migration: The Power of Fiction in Times of […]

Posted in conjunction with the course Multicultural Germany in fall semester 2015. Author: Jasmine Giang Fack ju Göhte (Suck Me Shakespeer) is a 2013 German screwball/romantic comedy, directed by Turkish-German director Bora Dağtekin. It proved to be one of the most commercially successful German films of the decade, placing second in gross income in the 2013 German […]

Hardboiled Performance and Affective Intimacy: Remediations of Racism in the Cenk Batu Tatorte Claudia Breger Download PDF Abstract Although not around to stay, the first Turkish German detective to be featured in the Germany’s most popular television crime series, Tatort nonetheless represented a major TV event (2008–12). In his sixth episode as an investigator in […]

Cosmopolitical and Transnational Interventions in German Studies B. Venkat Mani and Elke Segelcke, Guest Editors Download PDF Abstract: This Special Topic presents a collection of scholarly essays which emerged from a multi- and interdisciplinary panel series at the 49th Annual Conference of the German Studies Association, and which represent the continuation of a collaborative thought […]