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The Courtyard in the Mirror
Emine Sevgi Özdamar
Translated by Leslie A. Adelson

On the Train
Emine Sevgi Özdamar
Translated by Leslie A. Adelson

Utenzi, War Poems, and the German Conquest of East Africa: Swahili Poetry as Historical Source
José Arturo Saavedra Casco
Reviewed by Bryan Aja

Postcolonialism, Islam, and Contemporary Germany
Monika Albrecht

Fliehkraft. Gesellschaft in Bewegung—von Migranten und Touristen
Tom Holert and Mark Terkessidis
Reviewed by Mason Allred

Tropical Zion: General Trujillo, FDR, and the Jews of Sosua
Allen Wells
Reviewed by Yael Allweil

Migration and Its Discontents: Israelis in Berlin and Homeland Politics
Yael Almog

Spoofing Herzog and Herzog Spoofing
Eric Ames

Translation after 9/11
Emily Apter


Between Victim and Perpetrator Imaginary: The Implicated Subject in Works by Rachel Seiffert and Cate Shortland
Susanne Baackmann

“The Future of the Past,” an Introduction
Susanne Baackmann and Nancy P. Nenno, Guest Editors

Points of Entanglement: The Overdetermination of German Space and Identity in Lola + Bilidikid and Walk on Water
Nicholas Baer

Cultural Translation and the Problem of Language: Yiddish in Joseph Roth’s Juden auf Wanderschaft
Sarah Bailey

Mieke Bal

Iso Camartin
Translated by Kurt Beals

A Conversation with Bernard Banoun
Kurt Beals, Erik Born, Robin Ellis, and Deniz Göktürk

Dada Futures: Inflation, Speculation, and Uncertainty in Der Dada No. 1
Kurt Beals

Sonderzeichen Europa
Yoko Tawada and László Márton
Reviewed by Kurt Beals

Jews, Ethnicity and Identity in Early Modern Hamburg
Dean P. Bell

Keep Moving! Strategien der Wegmobilisierung als Teil des italienischen Migrationsmanagements
Federica Benigni and Marika Pierdicca

From Colonial to Neoliberal Times: German Agents of Tourism Development and Business in Diani, Kenya
Nina Berman

Dejima and Huis Ten Bosch — Two Dutch Cities in Japan
Yoko Tawada
Translated by Susan Bernofsky and Bettina Brandt

Sonderzeichen Yoko Tawada
Ein Briefwechsel zwischen Susan Bernofsky und Bernard Banoun

“Where Europe Begins”: A Selection from the Short Story by Yoko Tawada
Translated by Susan Bernofsky

Video: Readings and a roundtable with writers Yoko Tawada and Zafer Şenocak
Discussant: Homi K. Bhabha (Harvard University)
Organized and moderated by Deniz Göktürk (UC Berkeley)

Writing Video – Writing the World: Videogeographies as Cognitive Medium
Ursula Biemann

Video: Ursula Biemann in Conversation: A Screening and Discussion of Black Sea Files (2005)
Ursula Biemann
With an introductory text by Deniz Göktürk

‘Schriftstellerin zu sein und in seinem Leben anwesend zu sein, ist für mich eins’: Ein Gespräch mit Terézia Mora
Anke Biendarra

Der Besuch
Hakan Savaş Mican
The Visit
Translated by Erik Born

Guest Faces
Emine Sevgi Özdamar
Translated by Erik Born

Serdar Somuncu: Turkish German Comedy as Transnational Intervention
Kathrin Bower

Hardboiled Performance and Affective Intimacy: Remediations of Racism in the Cenk Batu Tatorte
Claudia Breger

Bordering on Names: Strategies of Mapping in the Prose of Terézia Mora and Peter Handke
Paul Buchholz

Beyond the Mother Tongue: The Postmonolingual Condition, by Yasemin Yildiz
Reviewed by Christina Butler


Switzerland: Advertising a Strange Case
Iso Camartin

Crossing New Europe: Postmodern Travel and The European Road Movie
Ewa Mazierska and Laura Rascarolie
Reviewed by Steve Choe

The Wehrmacht: History, Myth, Reality
Wolfram Wette
Reviewed by Steve Choe

Multiculturalism (Multiculturality)
Claus Leggewie
Translated by Jon Cho-Polizzi

Deniz Göktürk
Translated by Jon Cho-Polizzi

“Wenn ich einst tot…”
José F.A. Oliver
Translated by Jon Cho-Polizzi


A Fine Self-Deception
Roger de Weck
Translated by Ted Dawson

Die Ungehaltenen
Deniz Utlu
Translated by Katy Derbyshire

Switzerland, a Country of Paradoxes: An Interview about Swiss Identity, Politics and Culture with Hugo Loetscher, Roger de Weck and Iso Camartin
Jeroen Dewulf, Kezhen Feng, Susan Hunsicker, and Andrew Tweed

Wenn die Schweizer Heimat exotisch geworden ist. Das Thema der Heimkehr aus Brasilien bei deutschschweizerischen Autoren
Jeroen Dewulf

Selections from Koppstoff
Feridun Zaimoğlu
Translated by Kristin Dickinson, Robin Ellis, and Priscilla D. Layne

Translating Communities: Rethinking the Collective in Feridun Zaimoğlu’s Koppstoff
Kristin Dickinson, Robin Ellis, and Priscilla D. Layne

Translating Surfaces: A Dual Critique of Modernity in Sabahattin Ali’s Kürk Mantolu Madonna
Kristin Dickinson

Selim Özdoğan
Vibration Background
Translated by Kristin Dickinson

Der den Klang der Wörter liebt
Selim Özdoğan
The One Who Loves the Sound of Words
Translated by Sultan Doughan

Mark Terkessidis
Reviewed by Isabel Dzierson


The Archive, the Activist, and the Audience, or Black European Studies: A Comparative Interdisciplinary Study of Identities, Positionalities, and Differences
Fatima El-Tayeb

Sie missüberschätzen uns. Über den Versuch, das Mittelstandsperlen-kettchen wie ein Lasso um das Ballhaus Naunynstraße zu werfen. Eine Komödie
Marianna Salzmann
They Misoverestimate Us
Translated by Robin Ellis

Lost: Black Briefcase
Enis Batur
Translated by Oya Erez


Alley-Grave: The Boundary of the Ghetto in Der Schrei den niemand hört! by Else Feldmann
Christina Färber

Schwarm und Schwelle: Migrationsbewegungen in Elfriede Jelineks Die Schutzbefohlenen
Silke Felber and Teresa Kovacs

Contemporary Remediations of Race and Ethnicity in German Visual Cultures
Angelica Fenner and Uli Linke, Guest Editors


Encounters on a Street Corner: Sommer vorm Balkon and the Return of the Berlin Film
Mila Ganeva

Kafka’s Travels: Exoticism, Colonialism, and the Traffic of Writing
John Zilcosky
Reviewed by Christina Gerhardt

Provisional Multiculturalism
David Theo Goldberg

Eastward: A Selection from the Forthcoming Novel by Zafer Şenocak
Translated by David Gramling

The Madonna in the Fur Coat
Sabahattin Ali
Translated by David Gramling and Ilker Hepkaner

Pamuk’s Dis-orient: Reassembling Kafka’s Castle in Snow (2002)
David Gramling

Ein Krieg auf Tuchfühlung. Hans Magnus Enzensbergers (unwillkürliche) Annäherungen an den Jugoslawienkonflikt
Gordana-Dana Grozdanic

Bilingual Signs in Carinthia: International Treaties, the Ortstafelstreit, and the Spaces of German
Jennifer M. Gully


Generation Mini-Series: Contemporary German Historical Event-Television and the Implications of its Interactive Elements
Sara F. Hall

Digital Humanities as Translation: Visualizing Franz Rosenzweig’s Archive
Matthew Handelman

Meine Ortschaft
Peter Weiss
My Place

Translated by Roger Hillman

Circumventing Openness: Creating New Senses of Dutchness
Isabel Hoving

Amigo Amado
Osman Engin
Translated by Tes Howell

I Am Not You: On the Need for Distance
June J. Hwang


The Future of Migration
Jochen Oltmer
Translated by Jennifer Ingalls

Wutvögel singen (Auszüge)
Marianna Salzmann and Deniz Utlu
Angry Birds Sing
Translated by Jenna Ingalls


Gisela Welz
Translated by Courtney Johnson

“Tear Down This Wall!” Internet Art Circumventing Censorship and Unveiling Secret Prisons
Mathias Jud and Christoph Wachter

“A Wall Victim from the West”: Migration, German Division, and Multidirectional Memory in Kreuzberg
Jeffrey Jurgens


The Limits of Multiculturalism
Serhat Karakayali

PROLEGOMENON: Distant Reading and Computational Networking in German Studies
David D. Kim

PROJECT ONE: WorldLiterature@UCLA: Tracking International Publics with Goethe
David D. Kim and Nickolas de Carlo

PROJECT TWO: Patterns of the Anthemion: Discovering Networks of Coincidence in W.G. Sebald’s Die Ausgewanderten
David D. Kim and Mark J. Phillips

The Task of the Loving Translator: Translation, Völkerschauen, and Colonial Ambivalence in Peter Altenberg’s Ashantee (1897)
David D. Kim

The Visual Regime of the Globe: Revaluing Invisibility in Global Modernity
David D. Kim

The Province Always Rings Twice: Christian Petzold’s Heimatfilm noir Jerichow
Alasdair King

The Future of the Distant Past: On Teaching the Pre-modern History of Africans in Europe
Kristin Kopp

When Texts Travel: Edward Dmytryk’s The Blue Angel (1959) Remake
Barbara Kosta

Traveling without Moving: Physical and Linguistic Mobility in Yoko Tawada’s Überseezungen
Christina Kraenzle

The Multilingual Experience: Insights from Language Memoirs
Claire Kramsch


Deleuze, Feminism, and the New European Union: An Interview with Rosi Braidotti
Pascale LaFountain

Of Women and Polyglots: Yoko Tawada’s “Where Europe Begins” and Rosi Braidotti’s Transnational Feminist Nomadology
Pascale LaFountain

Tracking Europe: Mobility, Diaspora, and the Politics of Location
Ginette Verstraete
Reviewed by Alex Lambrow

Greek Dispossession Staged, or When Street Politics Meets the Theater
Olivia Landry

European Others: Queering Ethnicity in Postnational Europe
Fatima El-Tayeb
Reviewed by Priscilla Layne

Fräuleins und GIs,
Annette Brauerhoch
Reviewed by Priscilla D. Layne

Plea for a Mobile Identity
Hugo Loetscher


Cosmopolitical and Transnational Interventions in German Studies
B. Venkat Mani and Elke Segelcke, Guest Editors

Mapping Channels between Ganges and Rhein: German-Indian Cross-Cultural Relations
Jörg Esleben, Christina Kraenzle and Sukanya Kulkarni, eds.
Reviewed by Ashwin Manthripragada

The Naked Eye, by Yoko Tawada, Translated from the German by Susan Bernofsky
Reviewed by Ashwin Manthripragada

Wolfgang Kaschuba
Translated by Ashwin J. Manthripragada

Ernst Lubitsch & the Transnational Twenties: The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (USA 1927)
Rick McCormick

Attack of the Cyberzombies: Media, Reconstruction, and the Future of Germany’s Architectural Past
Rob McFarland

Criss-Crossing in Global Space and Time: Fatih Akın’s The Edge of Heaven (2007)
Barbara Mennel

Ming Wong’s Imitations
Barbara Mennel

Alwan’s Quest of Home: Re-Mapping Heimat and the Nation in Hussain Al-Mozany’s Der Marschländer: Bagdad–Beirut–Berlin
Yasemin Mohammad

Albrecht Koschorke
Translated by Emina Musanovic


Reading the “Schwarz” in the “Schwarz-Rot-Gold”: Black German Studies in the 21st Century
Nancy P. Nenno

If the Good Lord were Swiss
Hugo Loetscher
Translated by Rafaël Newman

Zafer Şenocak
“Fragments of Memory”
Translated by Jessica Nicholl and Martina Schwalm

Re-Imagining the Past in Transnational Online Communities
Kaarina Nikunen


Heribert Prantl
Translated by Annika Orich


Transformative Translations: Cyrillizing and Queering
Katrin Pahl

Zeitnetze. Globalisierung und postmoderne Ästhetik in Helmut Kraussers Roman UC
Johannes Pause

Graham Parkes

Multilingual Development in Germany in the Crossfire of Ideology and Politics: Monolingual and Multilingual Expectations, Polylingual Practices
Carol W. Pfaff

Kiezdeutsch: Ein neuer Dialekt entsteht, by Heike Wiese
Reviewed by Lindsay Preseau

Die Übersetzung von Rhythmus: Hölderlins Transitprogramm hin zu einer „belebenden Kunst“
Boris Previsic



Global Heimat Germany. Migration and the Transnationalization of the Nation-State
Regina Römhild

The Currency of Europe? Representing Unified Europe as Film in the Age of the Euro
Sasha Rossman


Diversity as Social Utopia
Özkan Ezli and Gisela Staupe
Translated by Jillian Saucier

Re-theorizing the “We” in Community: Conceptualising Community: Beyond the State and Individual, by David Studdert; Wir-Intentionalität: Kritik des ontologischen Individualismus und Rekonstruktion der Gemeinschaft, by Hans Bernhard-Schmid
Reviewed by Robert Schechtman

Pathways of Migrant Incorporation in Germany
Nina Glick Schiller, Boris Nieswand, et al.

Thinking Sexuality Differently: Hartmann von Aue, Michel Foucault, and the Uses of the Past
James A. Schultz

Finding Home in a Liminal Space: Exile and Return in Andreas Dresen’s Halbe Treppe
Kathleen Sclafani

Amerika und die deutschsprachige Literatur nach 1848. Migration — kultureller Austausch — frühe Globalisierung, Christof Hamann, Ute Gerhard, und Walter Grünzweig, Hrsg.
Reviewed by Hinrich C. Seeba

The Rhetoric of Origin: Language and Exclusion in Historical Perspective
Hinrich C. Seeba

Differenzerfahrung und transnationale Grenzüberschreitung im Europadiskurs Zafer Şenocaks
Elke Segelcke

Zafer Şenocak im Gespräch: Auszüge
Interview by Elke Segelcke

Remediating Fassbinder in Video Installations by Ming Wong and Branwen Okpako
Katrin Sieg

Goodbye, Germany!
Werner Sollors

„Felsenwand“ vs. „Blumental“: Fremdwahrnehmung und Selbststilisierung in J.G. Seumes Mein Sommer 1805
Jakob Starzinger

Hito Steyerl

Countermemory and the (Turkish-)German Theatrical Archive: Reading the Documentary Remains of Emine Sevgi Özdamar’s Karagöz in Alamania (1986)
Lizzie Stewart

A Path through the Woods: Remediating Affective Landscapes in Documentary Asylum Worlds
Bettina Stoetzer


Deniz Utlu
Translated by Cara Tovey

The Counter-Cinema of the Berlin School, by Marco Abel
Christian Petzold, by Jaimey Fisher
Reviewed by
Cara Tovey



Transit Heimat: Transnational Subjectivity and Mobility in German Theatre
Denise Varney


Switzerland and its Past: An Uncomfortable Relationship
Roger de Weck

W oder die translinguale Erinnerung: Cécile Wajsbrot und die deutsche Sprache
Dirk Weissmann

Istanbul Next Wave and Other Turkish Art Exhibits: From Governance of Culture to Governance through Culture
Barbara Wolbert

The New Diversity and the New Public: Impressions of dOCUMENTA (13)
Barbara Wolbert



European Cinema in Motion: Migrant and Diasporic Film in Contemporary Europe, ed. Daniela Berghahn and Claudia Sternberg
Reviewed by Özgur Yaren

Kleine Freiheit
Yüksel Yavuz

In the Postmonolingual Condition: Karin Sander’s Wordsearch and Yoko Tawada’s Wordplay
Yasemin Yildiz

Visualizing the Railway Space in Fontane’s Effi Briest
Paul Youngman, Gabrielle Tremo, Lenny Enkhbold, and Lizzy Stanton


The Sound Valley
Peter Waterhouse
Translated by Andrew Ziesig, Ilija Wolinski, Kathleen Stack, Ashley Sherry, Kara Saunders, Kelsey Rader, Laisa Neuner, Judith Menzl, Morgen Daniels, Anna Dorste, Anneliese Chittock, Sarah Allen, and David Gramling

Thomas Meinecke’s German Fictions of Multicultural America: Model or Admonition?
Cecile Zorach