TRANSIT, Volume 4, Issue 1, 2008


Writing Video – Writing the World: Videogeographies as Cognitive Medium
Ursula Biemann

Video: Ursula Biemann in Conversation: A Screening and Discussion of Black Sea Files (2005)
With an introductory text by Deniz Göktürk

My Place
Peter Weiss; Translated from the German by Roger Hillman

Feature: “Multicultural Identity in Europe: The Swiss Model”

Switzerland and its Past: An Uncomfortable Relationship
Roger de Weck

A Fine Self-Deception
Roger de Weck, Translated from the German by Ted Dawson

Switzerland: Advertising a Strange Case

Iso Camartin

Iso Camartin, Translated from the German by Kurt Beals

Plea for a Mobile Identity

Hugo Loetscher

If the Good Lord were Swiss
Hugo Loetscher, Translated from the German by Rafaël Newman

Switzerland, a Country of Paradoxes: An Interview about Swiss Identity, Politics and Culture with Hugo Loetscher, Roger de Weck and Iso Camartin
Jeroen Dewulf, Kezhen Feng, Susan Hunsicker, and Andrew Tweed

Points of Entanglement: The Overdetermination of German Space and Identity in Lola + Bilidikid and Walk on Water
Nicholas Baer

Selections from Koppstoff
Feridun Zaimoğlu, Translated from the German by Kristin Dickinson, Robin Ellis, and Priscilla D. Layne

Translating Communities: Rethinking the Collective in Feridun Zaimoğlu’s Koppstoff
Kristin Dickinson, Robin Ellis, and Priscilla D. Layne

Deleuze, Feminism, and the New European Union: An Interview with Rosi Braidotti
Pascale LaFountain

Book Reviews

Utenzi, War Poems, and the German Conquest of East Africa: Swahili Poetry as Historical Source, by José Arturo Saavedra Casco
Reviewed by Bryan Aja

The Wehrmacht: History, Myth, Reality, by Wolfram Wette
Reviewed by Steve Choe

Mapping Channels between Ganges and Rhein: German-Indian Cross-Cultural Relations, Jörg Esleben, Christina Kraenzle and Sukanya Kulkarni, eds.
Reviewed by Ashwin Manthripragada