Volume 13, Issue 1, 2021

Traveling Forms

Michael Sandberg, Managing Editor

“Meine eigene Geschichte”: Identity Construction Through Reading in Abbas Khider’s Der falsche Inder
Landon Reitz

Fostering Transnational, Multilingual Collaboration: The Berlin-based Artists’ Initiative
Friederike Eigler

The Figure of the Exiled Writer in Comparison: Intertextuality in Lion Feuchtwanger’s Exil (1940) and Abbas Khider’s Der falsche Inder (2008)
Franziska Wolf

Towards a European Postmigrant Aesthetics: Christian Petzold’s Transit (2018), Phoenix (2014) and Jerichow (2008)
Jennifer Ruth Hosek

Subsection: Translations

Introduction: Translations from the Poetic Archives of Migration
Deniz Göktürk

Empty Archives – Lost Letters
Zafer Şenocak
Translated by Kristin Dickinson

Church Bells in Istanbul
Zafer Şenocak
Translated by Kristin Dickinson

The Other Side of Things
Zafer Şenocak
Translated by
Ardo Ali, Oliver Arter, Deniz Göktürk, Jezell Lee, Elizabeth Sun, and Qingyang Zhou

The Hour of Assembly
Zafer Şenocak
Translated by
Oliver Arter and Elizabeth Sun

Ten Years After Fukushima
Yoko Tawada
Translated by Elizabeth Sun

Translator Introduction
Aaron Carpenter and Jon Cho-Polizzi

Night Bioscope
Yoko Tawada
Translated by Aaron Carpenter and Jon Cho-Polizzi

Subsection: Traveling Forms Conference 2021

Andrew Blough and Jonas Teupert

Translingual Encounters: Freedom, Civic Virtue, and the Social Organism in Liang Qichao’s Reading of Kant
Camila YaDeau

Translation Terminable and Interminable: Psychoanalysis Between Vienna and Calcutta
Candela Potente

Das deutsche Kolonialerbe in der Jugendkolonialliteratur der BRD und der DDR
Joseph Kebe-Nguema

“Biohaus”: The Bauhaus and the Biopolitics of Global Space
Aron Korosz

Deterritorialized Travels: Notes on World, Earth, and Literature in the Work of Deleuze and Guattari
Florian Scherübl

World Conspiracy Literature and Antisemitism
Sebastian Schuller