Volume 5: Foreword Welcome to the 2009-2010 issue of TRANSIT. Our first round of publications centers on a panel held at Berkeley last year featuring authors Yoko Tawada and Zafer Şenocak, along with discussant Homi K. Bhabha, organized and moderated by Deniz Göktürk. The panel featured readings by the two authors, as well as a […]

“Tear Down This Wall!” Internet Art Circumventing Censorship and Unveiling Secret Prisons Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Christoph Wachter and Mathias Jud are exploring the impact of different walls and borders within the context of their projects. Segregation is supposedly instituted to protect people from enemies who are either walled in […]

Where Europe Continues…Translingual Writers and the Cosmopolitan Imagination: Readings and a roundtable with writers Yoko Tawada and Zafer Şenocak Discussant: Homi K. Bhabha (Harvard University) Organized and moderated by Deniz Göktürk (UC Berkeley) http://blip.tv/transitjournal/where-europe-continues-1932159 This issue of TRANSIT is centered around an event held at UC Berkeley as part of an ongoing dialogue about multilingual, […]

Eastward: A Selection from the Forthcoming Novel by Zafer Şenocak Translated by David Gramling Download PDF In the course of their earthly existence, humans have no freedom, except for the possibility of ending their own lives prematurely. To a certain extent, humans are taken into protective care from the first moment of their life. The […]

Zafer Şenocak im Gespräch: Auszüge Elke Segelcke Download PDF Der deutsche Autor türkischer Herkunft Zafer Şenocak (geb. 1961) bezeichnet sich selbst als Wanderer zwischen den Welten, der in beiden Sprachen und Kulturen Zuhause ist. Seine häufig im Themenbereich Orient-Okzident angesiedelten transnationalen Werke werden international rezipiert und gehören inzwischen vor allem in den USA zum festen […]

Dejima and Huis Ten Bosch — Two Dutch Cities in Japan Yoko Tawada (Translated from the German by Susan Bernofsky) and Bettina Brandt Download PDF Hausutembosu (Huis ten Bosch) by Bettina Brandt Looking for traces of historical Dutch-Japanese trade relations in the Nagasaki area, Y and I stopped at Huis ten Bosch, a Dutch theme […]

The Naked Eye, Yōko Tawada, Translated from the German by Susan Bernofsky Reviewed by Ashwin Manthripragada Download PDF Yōko Tawada, The Naked Eye. Trans. Susan Bernofsky. New York, NY: New Directions, 2009. Pp. 256. Paper, $13.95. “The gaze of the nameless lens licks the floor like a detective without grammar.” (1) The first paragraph of […]

Amerika und die deutschsprachige Literatur nach 1848. Migration — kultureller Austausch — frühe Globalisierung, Christof Hamann, Ute Gerhard, und Walter Grünzweig, Hrsg. Reviewed by Hinrich C. Seeba Download PDF Christof Hamann, Ute Gerhard, und Walter Grünzweig, Hrsg., Amerika und die deutschsprachige Literatur nach 1848. Migration – kultureller Austausch – frühe Globalisierung. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, 2009, […]

Tropical Zion: General Trujillo, FDR, and the Jews of Sosua, by Allen Wells Reviewed by Yael Allweil Download PDF Allen Wells, Tropical Zion: General Trujillo, FDR, and the Jews of Sosua. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2009. Pp. 485. Paper, $27.95. Tropical Zion is a study that aims at large goals. Through a small, forgotten […]

Sonderzeichen Europa, by Yoko Tawada and László Márton Reviewed by Kurt Beals Download PDF Yoko Tawada and László Márton, Sonderzeichen Europa. RanitzDialog1. Ottensheim an der Donau, Austria: Edition Thanhäuser, 2009. 72pp., Paper, 20€. Although billed as a dialog, this exchange on topics ranging from the history and protean definition of Europe to the sartorial choices […]