Volume 6: Foreword DEAR READERS, I am pleased to announce the publication of the first articles of our 2010 issue, as well as to inform you about TRANSIT’s involvement in the upcoming German Studies Association (GSA) conference, which will be held from October 7-10, 2010 in Oakland, CA. The issue kicks off with “Spoofing Herzog […]

The Province Always Rings Twice: Christian Petzold’s Heimatfilm noir Jerichow Alasdair King Download PDF Abstract: After achieving critical success as one of Germany’s leading contemporary film makers with his Gespenster/Ghosts trilogy (2000, 2005, 2007), Christian Petzold’s subsequent film, Jerichow (2008) has continued his interest in utilizing genre conventions to explore the dynamics between his central […]

Sonderzeichen Yoko Tawada: Ein Briefwechsel zwischen Susan Bernofsky und Bernard Banoun Download PDF Abstract: An exchange of letters, written in German, between Bernard Banoun and Susan Bernofsky, addressing issues relating to translation, and particularly to their translations of the works of Yoko Tawada into French and English, respectively. 7. März 2010 Liebe Frau Bernofsky, lieber […]

A Conversation with Bernard Banoun Kurt Beals, Erik Born, Robin Ellis, and Deniz Göktürk Download PDF Abstract: A conversation with the translator and scholar Bernard Banoun. The following conversation took place in Berkeley on October 29, 2009. Bernard Banoun has translated the works of numerous German writers into French, including novels and prose by Thomas […]